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the Peace Blanket project

why wait to RIP when we can Live In Peace?

What does peace mean to you?

Would you like to see peace in this world?

Peace starts from within us

Spend a few minutes each day feeling peace

Then make your own 'piece of peace'


Whatever you want to do, 10cm2

knitted, embroidered, beaded, crocheted

painted, quilted, whatever you want

It doesn't have to be fancy or smart

It just needs to come from your heart


Post it to me

So it can be added to this piece

Then soon our blanket of peace will grow

Our thoughts of peace sown


Pass the word onto your family and friends

To start their own or add to ours

And as these thoughts of peace are shared

And grow, the world will be filled with

a blanket of peace


"How do you get world peace? You get world peace through inner peace. If you've got a world full of people who have inner peace, then you have a peaceful world."

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Join in

Make your own piece of peace and post to Laura Davies, Cuevas de Sol Earthship, El Puntal, Sorbas, Almeria, 04271. Spain.

Don't forget to add your name and town/country to the back of your square. And please give me a bit of room around the edge so I can stitch the squares together, xx

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