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3 tips for a Merry AND eco friendly Xmas

03-Dec-2019 09:33

This is a tricky one that's been on my mind for years - yes years!
I've always hesitated to speak up about it because, well you can sound a bit like an old scrooge if you do! But here's a couple of things that you could try out...

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1 - less is more

The first, and biggest thing, we can all do to be more eco friendly is to buy less. As a professional artist and crafter (who makes a living from selling my creations and tutorials) this sounds counter productive. But firstly, I'm a human being living in a world that I really love. I want it to continue being this beautiful, abundant planet, filled with all sorts of flora and fauna. So, in all areas of life I've made decisions to cut down, which perversely gives me more time to enjoy.
But how does this help when gift buying?
You could decide in your family to do a secret santa, where all your names go into a hat, each picking one to buy a gift for. Agree how much can be spent for the gifts beforehand - it could be 2 or 50, whatever you agree on. Then really take the time to buy that one person a gift that will absolutely delight them. You'll probably all save money in the long run and each of you will hopefully end up with a wonderful gift that you'll cherish.
Or you could give gift vouchers. I know these can seem like a bit of a cop out sometimes, but they are great for gifting to people who really do have everything and are always impossible to buy for. Or those relatives who you don't see for months on end and therefore have no idea what they'd like.

2 - look for the process

What! I know, I know, sometimes cost is the clincher. But first look at the item, look at the way it's been made, look at the materials it's made from, where was it made, is it a local person with eco values or a big corporation who sells in bulk out of factories with questionable human rights and zero eco practises. Do they align with your values?
It can be hard to be hard about these things, because gifts, especially art and crafts, can be so emotionally activated - you simply love that colour, you get transported to another place when you see that painting, all these things are important, in fact vital. After all if you have to live with something for years you really do want to love it. But...
Let me give you an example. There's a painting I saw the other day, it's colours and subject spoke volumes to me, I absolutely fell in love. But, the artist had used techniques and materials that had no thought for the environment (in fact they would be extremely detrimental to the environment), even though that's what she was portraying in the painting. I know if I bought that painting, or even a print of it, I'd always feel it was compromised by the way it was made.


3 - hand made

Home made gifts have had a bad wrap over the years. When large scale manufacturing came in and bright plastic toys and gifts were being pumped out at an alarming rate, home made became old hat.
But now that we're understanding what plastic is made from - and doing to the planet - home made is becoming all the rage again.
Don't get me wrong though, this doesn't mean you can forget quality. If you apply point number 2 to this, hand made can give you the opportunity to get a really high quality gift from an expert who uses high quality and eco friendly materials. A person who genuinely loves what they do and puts that love into what they make.
If you're nifty with your hands you could even learn how to make the things yourself. Look out for the tutorials and templates I'm going to be publishing over the next few months in my new Eco Makes area so you can do just that. Or if you're a knitter you can get a range of easy knit accessory patterns on our sister Earthship site.

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