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It's not all about me...

My art is about sharing nature with you. Itís about filling you with that sense of wonder and delight at the amazing world we're part of. And mesmerising you with the intricate details of the bugs, birds, animals and plants we share it with.

My pieces are quiet and contemplative, drawing you in and giving you the chance to escape from the rush of life for a while.

And I give a percent of every art sale to an animal/nature conservation charity, so you'll be helping the beautiful eco system we're part of too.

And all this done using natural, upcycled and eco friendly materials? Well you want to know that even the art on your walls is as eco as your Tesla car donít you?

Ok, so a bit about me now...

I live in an earthship in southern Spain. We spent nearly 8 years building it. Itís a piece of art in itself - still in progress.

Since moving to Spain and moving into our earthship my art has taken on a whole new life. Iíve always been interested in nature and conservation. Iíve always been an artist, in some form or another. Now I feel Iíve come home and have found my true heart.

Itís taken a while to get here

I studied at The Berkshire College of Art & Design for 4 years leaving with an HND. I spent nearly 20 years as a Graphic Designer. Then the long standing dream to move to Spain happened giving me the time to study and transfer my skills to fine art whilst immersing me deep in nature, a town girl turned country lass.

earthship interior Almeria
A beautiful light filled space for creating uplifting art

Bees and passion flowers
Work in progress

An ever evolving life and process

My art is an exploration of the materials I collect as well as the subject of the piece. From tea bag paper to the broken wings of a butterfly caught in a cobweb (the butterfly has long become a part of the cycle of life again, I would never deliberately hurt anything for my art). All these things I squirrel away, maybe at some point they will find their way into a piece.

To start with I do pencil studies, these are important for me, I take my time, I get to know my subject in all itís intricate detail. Quite often Iíll use these studies straight off, sometimes I redraw.

Then comes colour, splashes of defining colour. Leading onto hand embroidery, wire-work, embossing, layering textures, patterns, shapes, upcycled or natural, all things that speak to me of the subject.

I often let a piece sit for a while, it helps me hear itís voice in the space in between. I can often have many pieces on the go at the same time, all in different stages of development.

Natural paints
Dried iris flowers waiting to be used as watercolour paint

Stop for a second, look, remember

As I said to begin with, itís not about me, the subject and the materials tell me what to do. Iím their hands and youíre their observer, stop for a second and let the detail of life calm you. Let them wash you into a place of beauty and peace, let the rush of life pass you by... just for a little while.

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