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Being an artist is a bit like being a stripper

- only an artist bares their soul not their body!

I create art in honour of wild and wonderful nature and through it hope to raise awareness and funds to help with itís conservation.

Laura Davies Art About

Since moving into the earthship nearly 3 1/2 years ago my art has taken on a whole new life and personality. The majority of materials I now use are upcycled or natural just like our home. This was of major importance to me, I really believe in being the change you wish to see in the world. Using what I have, upcycling, eco friendly paints and processes are all things Iíve investigated and experimented with over the years to find a way to express myself without being a burden on the planet.

earthship Almeria Spain
Upcycled eco friendly materials

An ever evolving life and process

This last two years, during the creation of these pieces, as well as being a peeling off of layers to find my artistic voice - my soul - itís also, and for me more importantly, been an exercise in sending positive energy into nature.

An energy that Iím hoping will, in some small way, help with itís protection. With this in mind I use positive intention techniques that I learnt from Lynne McTaggart. In 2008 I joined Lynne and thousands of others across the globe in Intention experiments that were being scientifically monitored. It was an amazing experience with amazing results. I also taught drawing classes based on the drawing on the right side of the brain techniques pioneered by Betty Edwards.

Be the change you want to see in the world

Youíve probably heard artists talk about entering the Ďzoneí or being in the Ďflowí. When they achieve this theyíre accessing the right side of the brain or ideally a fusion of both left and right modes of being. I decided to try and extend this zone to include the positive intention techniques Iíd learned. Itís a difficult thing to talk about because by itís very nature itís beyond the part of our brains that process words and logic, itís a bit like catching a snowflake. And Iíve only just started talking out loud about it myself recently, itís quite a personal subject for me. Iíll be writing more about it on my art blog so sign up to learn more.

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