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The 5 Main Objectives of an Eco Artist

19-Jul-2017 20:01

Eco has become a buzz word that gets used so often now. As it can mean different things to different people I thought I'd list here what eco means to me and how it has influenced my art, as well as my life. ... more ...


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My first Steller Makers Story

07-Nov-2016 09:01

Life is a never ending learning curve for me - stay curious a well used mantra. I love to explore new ways to create art using different materials and techniques. I'm constantly inspired by the nature that surrounds me here in Andalucia and love to find ways to express it, through my art and also through different ways to share it with you. ... more ...

A Heady Scent - the making of a dream flower
Click link to view on Steller web site

Sneak Peak at work in progress on Gravity Sucks

25-Oct-2016 16:48

Iím not the sort of artist who works to a set timescale. My work has to come from a place deep inside, it needs time to breath and evolve with the passing of time. Art in the slow lane, so to speak. ... more ...

Work in progress on Gravity Sucks
Work in progress on Gravity Sucks

Do you really give a shit about extinction?

30-Sep-2016 15:11

WARNING: Contains strong language and comments that may upset!

I made the mistake of watching a nature programme yesterday. I used to love them as a kid, and still try to watch them even now. I love animals and love watching them live their lives. I also marvel at the camera work, big respect to all nature photographers.

So why was it a mi ... more ...




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