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The Heat of Summer 2 - Hot Spots


The semi desert, rolling mists cool a summer morning, a 5 Spot Burnet moth clings to a flower, forgotten by the heat. A tiny patch of moss hides in the shade of a tree. Relief from the heat. Pen and ink and watercolours on tea bag paper. Montages of tea bag paper, threads, fabric and dried wood build a summer landscape. Framed with turquoise crochet the colour of the sky onto raw sienna fabric the colour of the baked earth. A memory of traditions dissapearing in time. While it's touring this artwork isn't for sale, maybe Iíll put it up for auction or make it available to buy at a later date. As a subscriber youíll be the first to hear if and when this happens. Until then, as a special for subscribers only, you get to put a reserve on it. Simply email me on the link below and I'll add you to the list. Thereís no pressure to buy, it just means youíve told me youíre interested so you get an option to buy. The higher you are on the list the more likely you are to win the option, so donít leave it too long if you really like it!

Mixed Media on Fabric



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