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Online Exhibition Opening Soon

The Art With Intention Exhibition started it's real world tour in the intimate gallery space at The Albar/Casona Granado in El Puntal, Lubrin, Spain.

It continues it's journey at The Pedro Gilabert Museo in Arboleas, then onto The Fuente Gallery in Mojacar. And who knows where next!

For my followers who can't make it in person, or those who have come and want to see it again, I'm creating an online version. It's nearly there, just a few tweaks then you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own sofa! If you're not following yet simply fill in the panel below and you're in. You'll be notified when the exhibition is open.

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Art With Intention Exhibition

Only with quiet and stillness can we sense what is real

I came to the campo to confront myself, away from the noise of the world, and, being apart, to see the madness within - within me and the world. Then, through continuining contemplation and intention, release these follies within me and ...more

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Online Expo opening soon - reserve my ticket now


The Art With intention Exhibition includes two series of works - In My Back Yard and A Million Stitches, A Million Wishes.

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In My Back Yard

a series of mixed media art pieces

Walking in our mini nature reserve I see things that in my haste Iíve often overlooked in the past. Their shapes and colours captivate and I am compelled to record their fleeting beauty. This Spain I came to live in, with itís bold and brightness, has revealed a subtlety I could only see ...more


A Million Stitches, A Million Wishes

a series of embroidered prayer flags with intention

Wishes or prayers? Are they the same thing? Taking the essence of the Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags - 5 flags representing the 5 elements with each element having an associated colour. For each of these I stitched - using French Knots - the silhouette of a ...more

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