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Mandala Templates

1024 circles gladiolus mandala.jpg

Mandala Templates

Mandalas are such a good way to calm the mind, their repetitive nature will automatically put you in a place of peace.

If you don't want to think about drawing your own I've created free templates to bring to life with your own colour choices.

They focus on plants and flowers which can also help us find our peace.

Yes please, send me the templates


To get the most out of the meditative, calming nature of a mandala, work in a circle coloring the same element (or grouping) all the way around, turning the piece as you go, until you complete the circle.

Then move onto the next element and do the same.

You may need to let the paint dry so it doesn't smudge as you turn the work.

Painting slowly and with consideration will increase the benefit.

1024 circles poppy mandala.jpg
1024 circles free mandala.jpg

Let me know when more things like this are available


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