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Fresh Ways To Display Art

27-Aug-2018 11:54

Or how to display your art collection when you run out of wall space!
Since moving into the earthship I've had to change the way I collect and display art. Yes, I'm an artist who also collects the works of other artists, I know, shock horror. Isn't it strange how musicians will listen to the music of other musicians. Artisan chefs enjoy th ... more ...

unconventional art displays.jpg
Tree root hangers inside Earthship

5 Creative Intending Techniques

26-Jun-2018 12:24

Learn how to take your art to the next level in spirituality by infusing your art pieces with positive intentions. This blog post lists the 5 main techniques in this new method of spiritualizing your art which I've been developing for the last few years.
After more than 2 years in the making, hours and hours of slow stitching, painting and ... more ...

5 creative intention techniques 1024.jpg

Eco friendly framing methods...

08-May-2018 15:47

How to frame an eco friendly piece of art in an eco friendly way? That was a huge question for me last year when I was putting together my Art with Intention exhibition. I mean, whatís the point of using upcycled and natural/locally sourced materials to then put the finished p ... more ...


Debut Art with Intention Exhibition

28-Mar-2018 17:40

Itís coming up to the end of the first showing of my Art With Intention Exhibition. It had itís debut in the intimate gallery space at The Albar Restaurant/Casona Granado Boutique Hotel. Set in the idyllic little village of El Pilar just 10 minutes from our earthship, we couldnít believe this gem of a ... more ...

IMG 2533.JPG

Last male Northern White Rhino dies

22-Mar-2018 11:44

I wasnít able to speak about this awful news for a few days after hearing about it as itís deeply distressing to me. This is the end of the story that prompted me to create the installatio ... more ...


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