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coffee packet snowflake

coffee packet snowflake

Make these sparkly snowflakes from a used coffee packet. They're easy peasy, lemon squeezy to make, you get two out of one pack and they're free - who doesn't like free Christmas decorations?!
I don't have a regular Christmas tree anymore, but if I did I'd cover it in these sparkly wonders. And if you're really doing Christmas on a budget you could use a piece of twig hung with these to bring that festive cheer.

IMG 0701.jpg

I want to hear when more things like this are available


  • First, cut your used coffee packets (or any other plastic foil packaging) into rectangles, tidying up any uneven ends or bits with seals on. You need flat pieces of plastic foil and you should get two out of one pack.
  • Then make concertina folds on the short side working all along the length of the rectangle. Try to keep these as even as you can and run your nail along them to make them stay.
  • Trim the last bit if it's longer or shorter, you need all folds to be equal.
IMG 0714.JPG
  • Fold in half to find the centre.
  • Staple.
  • Glue along one edge. I use an eco glue stick, but modge podge or other white glues would do. Use what you have. I've even stitched these ends together with thread.
  • Shape the end and cut notches into the sides
IMG 0715.JPG
  • Now glue the other edge together to complete the snowflake. You may need to use pegs to hold it in place while the glue dries.
IMG 0713.jpg

And there you have it - one very sparkly, very individual, eco snowflake decoration!
As a little extra, the bits that are left over from the notches make great 'glitter' decorations for a festive table setting - and kept in a jar can be used again and again.

IMG 0693.jpg
coffeep snowflakes turquoise 735x1102.jpg

Let me know when more eco makes are available


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