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learn a new craft skill in 2020

learn a new craft skill in 2020

13-Jan-2020 11:06

Even though I've been quiet on the blog scene for months (a year?!) I've not been spending my time sunbathing, oh no! Looking back over the years at all the projects I've made using things I was going to throw out, I see a whole host of goodies to share with you. Things like;

cheeky robins 735x1102.jpg

please send me the FREE robin decoration template


  • Robin Decorations from drink cans (bees, stars, doves and heart templates to follow, plus a full tutorial on how to make them, revealing my top tip for cutting cans, coming soon)
  • Snowflakes from shiny coffee packets - free tutorial already available, click the pic below.
1024sq coffee snowflake circle.jpg
  • Deep Sea Creature lampshades from plastic bottles and crochet cotton
  • Tea Cup Pin Cushions using vintage china cups and crocheted balls...

...the list goes on - so this is where my time goes and why we still don't have a finished shower in the earthship (don't worry, we have a shower in the caravan)!

There's also the range of really easy knits and crochet accessories using pure wools and other natural yarns available here.

Not to mention how to paint onto tea bags to create your own hive of bees.

It got me thinking that it would be nice to share these creations with you this year by making pdf templates and tutorials (and maybe the odd video if I'm feeling brave) so you can make gifts, decorations and accessories for your family and friends (and for yourself!). After all, a handmade gift - a really nice one - shows the receiver just how much you care and handmade decorations and accessories can make your home and outfits really show your heart.

If you start now you're skills will be honed by the time another Christmas rolls around so your gifts will rock.

So how about it? Are you up for it?

To start things off with a seasonal twist fill in the panel below to receive the FREE pdf template for the Cheeky Robin Decorations.

1024 circles wood robins.jpg

please send me the FREE robin decoration template


I know Christmas has past, but robins are still decorating our gardens - let's bring them into our homes too. The template gives you three different sized robins on an area that will fit a 330ml drink can - that's three decorations from just one regular drink can. And if you prefer they can be cut from scraps of fabric, or felt, or whatever you have a lot of begging to be used.

And if you're not sure where to start with this template sign up to hear when a full tutorial on how to make decorations from drink cans is available.

robins onwood 735x1102.jpg

I want to hear when the full tutorial is available


p.s. if you want to hear the story of how we came to build our earthship, Kyero, a resource for people wanting to live in Spain, asked me for an interview you can hear the podcast here.

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