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a million stitches, a million wishes

welcome to a million stitches, a million wishes

online exhibition

If you prefer photos instead of a video click the photo below to go to the Million Stitches, Million Wishes gallery page with a selection of images.

Here's a couple of blog posts about this installation Do you really give a shit, was written at the very start of the process (please excuse the shouting!). And Last male Northern White Rhino dies with less shouting and more hope ;-))


A Million Stitches, A Million Wishes

a series of embroidered prayer flags with intention

Wishes or prayers? Are they the same thing? Taking the essence of the Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags - 5 flags representing the 5 elements with each element having an associated colour. For each of these I stitched - using French Knots - the silhouette of a representative animal on the endangered list.

There are so many species on the brink of extinction due to hunting, habitat loss and trade in body parts for medicines that we've reached a critical point in the history of human encroachment on wild nature.

When intending, thoughts need to be turned into positive intentions in the now. While I stitched each of these iconic species I also intended a world with huge areas of wild, just for the wild. A world where habitats and animals are honoured and protected by all. A world with thriving, balanced and diverse eco systems.

I haven't counted how many Wishes (aka French knots) make up each silhouette - a lot! Each flag took approx. 20 hours to make, that's 20 hours of slow, quiet stitching, 20 hours of positive intending, 100 hours in total over many months.

Space - Blue - Leopard - representing the big cats. All big cats are endangered due to hunting and habitat loss. They need space to live. All are keystone species - a thriving big cat community is an indicator of a balanced and

thriving eco system.

Air - White - Giant Ibis - representing the many endangered birds.

Of course birds are masters of the air. They have flight and often have huge ranges, especially migratory birds. This makes them vunerable to hunting, habitat loss and pollution. Even eco friendly wind turbines can be a threat.

Fire - Red - Gorilla - represents the great apes, so many of which are critically endangered due to habitat loss and hunting. Powerful and yet gentle creatures, they play a crucial role in biodiversity, roaming through large territories helping to spread fruit tree seeds.

Water - Green - Turtle - represents endangered ocean species and the oceans they live in. Covering 70% of the planet only 3.4% of our oceans are protected, and then mostly in name only. Ocean plants produce half of the world's oxygen and absorb nearly one-third of human-caused carbon dioxide emissions. They regulate our weather and form the clouds that bring life giving fresh water.

Earth - Yellow - Rhino - represents all animals hunted for their horns. Very few rhinos survive outside reserves and national parks in Africa and Asia these days. Even in these ‘protected' places they're still hunted and most are on the critically endangered list. After 40 million years on this planet the Northern White Rhino is just about to go extinct, solely down to mans actions over the last 100 years.

But lets end on a positive note, please imagine and intend with me...

“A world with huge areas of wild, just for the wild.

A world where habitats and animals are honoured and protected by all.

A world with thriving, balanced and diverse eco systems.”


Do you love wild, wild nature?

Can you help with it's conservation?

Please donate to The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation working to protect endangered species. Founded in 1984 by wildlife artist and conservationist, David Shepherd CBE, DSWF has been working to protect endangered wildlife for over 30 years and has been pivotal in many areas of conservation, read more here.

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