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prayer_flags_in_earthship_01.jpg leopard_and_flag_01.jpg giant_ibis_and_flag_02.jpg gorilla_and_flag_01.jpg turtle_and_flag_01.jpg rhino_and_flag_01.jpg leopard_detail_01.jpg flags_gilabert-01.jpg

A Million Stitches, A Million Wishes.

A series of embroidered prayer flags with intention Wishes or prayers? Are they the same thing? Taking the essence of the Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags - 5 flags representing the 5 elements with each element having an associated colour. For each of these I stitched - using French Knots - the silhouette of a representative animal on the endangered list. There are so many species on the brink of extinction due to hunting, habitat loss and trade in body parts for medicines that weíve reached a critical point in the history of human encroachment on wild nature. When intending, thoughts need to be turned into positive intentions in the now. While I stitched each of these iconic species I also intended a world with huge areas of wild, just for the wild. A world where habitats and animals are honoured and protected by all. A world with thriving, balanced and diverse eco systems. I havenít counted how many Wishes (aka French knots) make up each silhouette - a lot! Each flag took approx. 20 hours to make, thatís 20 hours of slow, quiet stitching, 20 hours of positive intending, 100 hours in total over many months.

Mixed Media on Fabric

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