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Pollinators for Tea 1 - Early Blossom, Happy Bees

Inspired by the almond blossom that blooms in this part of Spain from January through to early March (depending on the weather). 2015-2016 was a warm winter, the blossom came early and the bees buzzed out in their droves to enjoy this winter treat. As we walked through our almond grove, enjoying the honey sweet scent of the flowers, we could hear the happy buzzing of the bees and see their back legs loaded with pollen. Itís going to be a good year for almond nuts I thought! My highly detailed pencil study was printed onto tea bag paper using archival quality inks. Working into this with watercolour paints, upcycled threads and wool I continued to layer. Antique lace, reminiscent of the blossom filled fields in the sun, felted wool blanket, warm and cosy for winter, with delicate crochet flowers. Hanging threads speak of the unravelling of time and remind us to value what we have, here, now.

Mixed Media on Fabric

32 x 32 cm (Unframed)

Private Collection

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