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The Peace Tree

Doves - a symbol of peace.

These collared doves love to perch in the agave stems, taking a rest from flight. The wild spaces in this semi desert, quiet, peaceful spaces, teaming with small quiet life, all getting on with it, making the best of the harsh environment.

Living in peace.

On our walks I look down to see the tiny flowers, intricate and delicate, almost forgotten in this vast space. I won’t forget you, I won’t overlook you, you shine out quietly to me.

Watercolour paints onto handmade paper from upcycled tea bags. Threads help the tiny flowers stand out, shine. A crochet sun hangs in a heat-stained sky, a ruined corral falls gently back to earth.

Framed with a vintage hand embroidered napkin, reminding us of a simpler past, a more connected past, a past that would show us salvation if we gave it the chance.

Mixed Media on Fabric

35 x 36 cm (Unframed)


Price £165.00 plus £10.00 p&p

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