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Not quite a Christmas story

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Firstly, a big bumbly bee hug welcome to all the new subscribers this month. Plus a little something for all who came over from our earthship blog - a glimpse of life in an earthship with a sneaky peak into where my inspiration comes from for all the arts and crafts lovers who read this newsletter.

Phew, it's tricky making this interesting for everyone, so if you'd particularly like me to write about something please let me know (reply to this email).

Anyway, here it is...

Not quite a Christmas story...

...but it does have stars (sort of)

2 weeks ago our one remaining cat, who is getting old and senile, howls us awake at 5am - not for the first time. Dave groans, turns over trying to get back to sleep. I stare up, through the triangular window high above our bed, into the stars beyond.

The double height geodesic dome has 7 triangular windows 3 metres up...Read more

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What's happening in your favourite nature reserve?

Noticing that we don't get many bumble bees here at the reserve I did some online searching for information on them and stumbled across the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. They're UK based and are a fantastic source of information for bees, especially of the Bombus type - how to identify, build nests and garden for, what conservation and recording projects are on the go in the UK - I just had to reach out to them.

Even though our project is based in southern Spain they were really interested in what we're doing and asked me to write a guest blog post. You can read it here: It asks the question - Is bumblebee conservation possible in a semi-desert?...

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BTW, check out the two new bee prints just released - a trio of honey bees on smart black or warm burnt sienna - a queen, worker and drone. Interesting the differences within this same species of bee...

Festive bee hugs
Laura x

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