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Bobs n Butterflies

Meet Bob 2, a Black Redstart who comes to live in our wild every Spring. Hes called Bob 2 because last year there was a Bob, we dont know if hes the same, next year therell probably be a Bob 3. Hes called Bob because thats what he does when he sits on a perch - he bobs. Arriving in Spring with the almond blossom and the butterflies, and the bees, we love Bob. Watercolour paints onto handmade paper from upcycled tea bags. An intricate piece of antique lace with butterflies, makes blossom, how long did it take to make? Who sat for hours creating such beauty? I hope she knows shes remembered, in a way. Upcycled threads and wool a carpet of flowers and rain. An upcycled fabric frame of clear turquoise sky, only a few clouds pass by.

Mixed Media on Fabric

42 x 35 cm (Unframed)


Price £185.00 plus £10.00 p&p

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