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Hares Blossom - who me?!

We see telltale signs of hares on our land, but so rarely actually see one.

Of course they like to come out at night, or in the early hours, when we’re fast asleep.

But sometimes, just sometimes, I catch a glimpse of an inquisitive face, or those wonderful long ears above the grassline, and I know keeping it wild is good.

This art piece has been created using layers upon layers.

An upcycled and felted wool blanket is the base for a watercolour painting of the almond blossom, sparkling with sequins of blossom in the early morning sunlight. When the wind blows the petals off the trees it piles up on the ground below looking like antique lace.

A shy hare painted onto tea bag paper pops her head above the lace and squeaks - who me?

23 x 29cm Ready to Hang

Mixed Media on Fabric


Price £75.00 plus £10.00 p&p

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