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welcome to the in my back yard online exhibition

hares blossom 1©.JPG happy bees 1.jpg fertilitate 1.jpg heady scent 1.jpg peace doves.jpg warblersunrise.jpg teetering.jpg bobs butterflies.jpg linnet sunrise.jpg star bright.jpg light of moon.jpg bee cool 1024.jpg retamarama 1024.jpg hot spots 1024.jpg spring memories 1024.jpg song of summer 1024.jpg dusk falling 1024.jpg

click on an image to see the inspiration behind the piece and more detailed photos.
Click here to go to A Million Stitches, A Million Wishes online exhibition

a series of 17 mixed media art pieces

Walking in our mini nature reserve I see things that in my haste Iíve often overlooked in the past. Their shapes and colours captivate and I am compelled to record their fleeting beauty. This Spain I came to live in, with itís bold and brightness, has revealed a subtlety I could only see when I became quiet inside.

Traditional womens work, crochet, lace making, embroidery, sewing. Feminine energies, often overlooked in the masculine drive of the world, leave a delicate legacy to be cherished. This energy I pass on in my works.

The things we throw away, broken, used, heading for landfill, have another life. Together with natural elements collected on my walks they become memories held in time.

I look for the stories, the imperfect, the unfinished edge, the stain, these speak of life and itís transience and imperfections, a Wabi-sabi aesthetic.

I bring these elements and concepts together to create a piece of art with intention that has a life beyond itís surface. Infused into itís very fabric are positive intentions and feminine energies.

do you love wild, wild nature?

Can you help with it's conservation?

Please donate to The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation working to protect tigers. The Foundation helps to support anti-poaching patrol teams in India and Russia to protect tigers in their environment.

It was estimated by 1993 that the population of Amur tigers in the Russian Far East was below 100 individuals. With the support of DSWF funded programmes, the population has increased to approximately 540.

The team in Russia patrol an area the size of Wales in the UK.

In Assam, in 2011, DSWF established the first dog squad to assist with the capture of criminals. In 2016 DSWF supporters funded a third dog due to the success of the squad.

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Have you seen the real world exhibition? How does this online version compare?
Have you traveled to this part of Spain?
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